Monitor bacula backup jobs with zabbix


There is an email notification mechanism built in into bacula out of the box. It really sends out email notification after each job.┬áThis works, but in the case a job is stuck and who reads emails after all?…

Opportunities, Tasks and ToDoist for SugarCRM — part I


When new Opportunity created or its status changed, new Task to be created and also new Task in ToDoist application to be created.
Optional: when Opportunity is closed, all open Tasks to be closed as well, also on ToDoist.

md raid and zabbix


In this article I explain how to setup Software RAID monitoring with zabbix. The solution will use two ways – active monitoring (polling) of an array status and passive traps for array events, sent out by the mdadm

Stop pam_unix polluting log files


PAM module pam_unix produces lots of log messages, that pollute system log files. In my case this was in the /var/log/auth.log file. Excessive log messages are logged in particular for sudo, sshd and CRON. In the particular …