Monitor bacula backup jobs with zabbix


There is an email notification mechanism built in into bacula out of the box. It really sends out email notification after each job. This works, but in the case a job is stuck and who reads emails after all?…

Opportunities, Tasks and ToDoist for SugarCRM — part I


When new Opportunity created or its status changed, new Task to be created and also new Task in ToDoist application to be created.
Optional: when Opportunity is closed, all open Tasks to be closed as well, also on ToDoist.

md raid and zabbix


In this article I explain how to setup Software RAID monitoring with zabbix. The solution will use two ways – active monitoring (polling) of an array status and passive traps for array events, sent out by the mdadm

Stop pam_unix polluting log files


PAM module pam_unix produces lots of log messages, that pollute system log files. In my case this was in the /var/log/auth.log file. Excessive log messages are logged in particular for sudo, sshd and CRON. In the particular …